Zonas de Ocio LGTB


Chueca Borough
Its name alone evokes freedom and welcome. Chueca is much more than a neighbourhood, it is a reference point for the LGTBI+ movement worldwide.

Here began a trend towards visibility that is now unstoppable, a way of life based on respect. A few decades ago, bars, restaurants and different businesses, such as bookshops and fashion shops, specialising in the LGTBI+ world began to set up in the area. Among them, there are some that are now symbols, such as the Berkana bookshop, or the Black & White entertainment venue, among others. Their presence, at first, surprised the long-time neighbours, who have been privileged witnesses to the transformation of their neighbourhood into an epicentre of tolerance and modernity. A place where people enjoy a lifestyle free of prejudice and exclusion. The neighbourhood is one of the most cosmopolitan and vibrant areas of Madrid. The Plaza de Chueca is its nerve centre. Also, the Plaza de Pedro Zerolo, which since 2015 bears the name of one of the activists who worked hardest in defence of the rights of the LGTBI+ community in Spain.

Avant-garde art galleries, trendy fashion shops such as Rubén Galarreta's, international cuisine restaurants such as Angelita Madrid or Diurno, markets such as San Antón where gastronomy and commerce mix and lively terraces flood every street and corner here, with a hectic life, day and night. Because the nightlife here is one of the most entertaining. The neighbouring areas merge their energy and vitality with the Chueca neighbourhood and offer visitors a wide and diverse offer that is hard to match. This is the case of Calle Fuencarral, the undisputed star of Madrid's shopping scene, Malasaña, where the most emerging creators meet, and Salesas, one of the capital's elegant neighbourhoods.

La Latina and Lavapiés
Chueca is one of the best-known neighbourhoods for the collective worldwide, but there are other locations that add a lot of value to LGTBI+ life in Madrid. Lavapiés and La Latina are two adjoining and multicultural neighbourhoods. They are also two of the oldest neighbourhoods in the city which, without losing their traditional flavour, have become an example of integration thanks to the rich ethnic diversity of their streets. Many new LGTBI+ friendly venues - including Bar Atril, El Perla Bar and La Sixta - have decided to open their doors in La Latina, the most popular and fun neighbourhood for Madrid's Sundays, where you can dance and enjoy yourself in the evening. La Latina is also home to the already popular Mercado de La Cebada, where the old market used to be held, and the capital's Rastro, the open-air market that you can enjoy on Sundays. Lavapiés is also home to an interesting alternative LGTBI+ scene, demonstrating the wide range of diverse spaces in the city.

Tapapiés is a famous tapas route in Lavapiés that is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated foodie plans in the capital. El Barrio Lavapiés, organises this Tapas Route where you will have at your disposal an infinite number of types of tapas.

Right next to Chueca, crossing Fuencarral street you will arrive to Malasaña, a neighbourhood with a lot of history. This neighbourhood was the epicentre of the famous Movida Madrileña and is now the most hipster neighbourhood in Madrid. In Malasaña you will find shops of new Spanish designers, trendy bars and cafés, restaurants for all tastes, lots of nightlife and very interesting exhibitions and cultural activities in the Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Condeduque. Malasaña also has some of the most popular gay bars and venues in Madrid. Club Malasaña, Sala Maravillas, Costa Social Club, or bars such as Cazador or Corazón are the most popular.

Barrio de las Letras
The Barrio de las Letras is one of the most visited areas of Madrid. Its varied hotel offer, its rich gastronomic selection, its terraces and traditional bars make Las Letras a unique environment, full of life and personality. Its bustling streets and quiet squares are home to theatres and museums, spaces where books and exhibitions are the protagonists, icons of Madrid's restaurants, century-old fashion companies... An endless number of leisure alternatives, artistic and recreational proposals that keep this neighbourhood completely vibrant, where you can find the bars El Imperfecto, El Decadente and Salmon Guru.

In Madrid there are numerous clubs and venues to dance and listen to music:

This pioneering and totally renovated nightclub in Chueca is open 365 days a year, where you will find the most entertaining cabaret shows and the best Drags of the moment.

One of the most legendary clubs in Madrid, it awaits you to enjoy the best commercial pop with different DJs and original sessions such as Candy Club or Ultrapop.

Cuenca Club
A club with its own identity for the youngest audience, where diversity and fun without prejudice are the priority.

Dlro Live
A club that offers different shows every day of the week, with commercial music so you won't stop dancing.

Fluide Escape
Varied music, live performances and dancers in a modern nightclub in front of Plaza de Chueca with a female audience.

Fulanita de tal
Fulanita is a consolidated reference point for LGTBI+ nightlife in Madrid, where from Wednesday to Sunday you can enjoy the best girls' nights out, good vibes, the latest music and the hits of a lifetime.

Every Saturday. For lovers of house and techno music. You'll find a big stage, LED screens and spectacular lighting.

With more than 25 years, the LL offers daily drag shows that will not leave you indifferent.

A party inspired by the TV quiz shows of the 90s, where you'll play, dance and have a great time.
Presented by Xenon Spain.

Marta Cariño
Two floors, multiple spaces. Café, drinks, restaurant, extensive cocktail menu, djs, live shows and lots of fun.

Who invited her?
One of the recent venues that has become an attraction for visitors for its live drag shows that are sure not to leave you indifferent.

Fun and carefree are the protagonists. Pop culture and the 90's are their source of inspiration, offering parodies, shows and the best musical combination: HITS, R&B and HOUSE.

Vuélvete loca
If you like drag shows and pop music, don't miss this place where you can dance all night long.

Medias Puri
Under the appearance of a typical neighbourhood haberdashery hides, as if it were a clandestine club, the discotheque Medias Puri, which offers one of the most spectacular leisure offers of the Madrid nightlife, consisting of cocktails, shows, gastronomy and lots of fun.

Cha Cha The Club
Cha Cha The Club is a discotheque with a very trendy style where you can enjoy reggaeton, trap and urban music.

We Party
This is the world's best known LGTBI+ events promoter, born in Madrid, which organises special events and festivities. It is worth mentioning the two big festivals they organise throughout the year: We Party Gay Pride Festival, on the occasion of the Pride celebrations, and We Party New Year Festival at Christmas. For this summer they are already working to offer new performances.

Matrix Events is an essential part of gay entertainment in Spain and the world. They are present with their own parties, festivals and the Matrix World Tour, their world tour. Always with the participation of the most outstanding DJs of the scene that create unique environments and unrepeatable atmospheres, captivating thousands of people who always expect to live a unique experience. Matrix will soon announce its new productions.

Enjoy specialised bookshops:

Berkana was the first bookshop specialising in LGTBI culture in Spain. After twenty-two years, as well as being one of the best known bookshops in its specialisation, it continues to be a point of reference for gay and lesbian culture in our country and abroad.

A Different Life
If you are looking for books, DVDs, music or LGTBI-themed gifts, you can find a wide variety of products in this bookshop in the heart of the Chueca neighbourhood.


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