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Would you be interested in learning Spanish? Speaking fluently a language by practicing it on site? Do you want to live a unique experience? If the answer is yes, then Madrid is your destination. Master the language throughout numerous activities, seminars, colloquia, exchanges...

You will not find a better place to learn the language of Cervantes. Visit firsthand the places that inspired many of the biggest novels of Spanish literature. Interact with a countless number of people from all over the World that come together in Madrid to practice our language, while you enjoy everything that the capital can offer. Do not think about it more and choose Madrid! You will not regret!

Madrid is a cosmopolitan and open-minded city and a meeting point of different nationalities, since it has a great connection with the main capitals of the World. It hosts the headquarters of the most important institutions of the Spanish language, such as the Cervantes institute, the National library, or the Spanish Royal Academy. It also has an extensive cultural and leisure offering. If you are a foreigner and you would like to learn Spanish, Madrid is your destination.

Language, Culture and Much More

The Cervantes Institute (Instituto Cervantes) is the stronghold of the Spanish language all over the World, with 21 accredited centres in the Region of Madrid. The Cervantes Institute not only delivers courses to learn the language, but also provides information to go deeper in the Spanish culture.

Plaza mayor

Public universities also taught Spanish, such as the Complutense Spanish Teaching Centre (Centro Complutense para la Enseñanza del Español), the General Foundation of the Autónoma University (Fundación General de la Universidad Autónoma de Madrid), the University Centre for Languages of the University Rey Juan Carlos (Centro Universitario de Idiomas de la Universidad Rey Juan Carlos), the Languages Centre Fernando Lázaro Carreter (Centro de Idiomas Fernando Lázaro Carreter) from the Carlos III University or Alcalingua from the Alcalá de Henares University, a World Heritage and the birthplace of Cervantes.

Not to mention the Schools of Spanish as a Foreign Language Federation (FEDELE). This will place at your disposal all the available means in order to learn our language.

Do not forget the initiative Study in Spain, which will provide you with practical information about universities, business schools, Spanish schools, university courses, masters, PhDs...

If you want to learn a language while you engoy the cultura of the Region of Madrid, you have to go through The Way of the Language (El Camino de la Lengua). In ou Region you can find it in Alcalá de Henares. The Way of the Language will allow you to carry out exhibitions visits, Spanish language recitals, culinary journeys, travels and several events that make you learn Spanish in a different Way.

An Unforgettable Experience


You will agree with us that the most intense the experience is the most amazing the learning will be. Madrid not only offers a series of tools and methodologies that are unique in Spain, but also is a city full of contrast, where the old town and its environment blends perfectly with modern architecture. Its many museums, the night life, the shops... will make you want to repeat time and again. You won't be the first on doing it!

Besides, its strategic location in the center of Spain will allow you to move to dream locations without large displacement. We are convinced that all what we say falls short.

Feel at home

If you are afraid of being lost in the middle of people that doesn't speak your language, or you either think that you will miss your homeland... it means that you haven't seen the huge international community that chooses Madrid every season in order to learn Spanish.

Get involved with people from all over the World that come to together in Madrid, and use Spanish to communicate with them wherever they come from. What are people from diverse nationalities doing in Madrid? Then learn Spanish! The language will stop being a barrier and you will live the most cosmopolitan experience of your life.

Madrid destino multiétnico

Money is not a problem

At this stage the only thing that should be stopping you to choose Madrid is the Money that you will have to spend, isn't it? Mistake! There are plenty of scholarships, aid, exchanges... that will give you the opportunity to do what you have always wanted. And this is just a small part of all the aid you can get.

Furthermore, there are numerous initiatives that promote the student exchange from one country to another. Get informed about which one is yours! You will definitely find the perfect formula for your situation. Don't let anything to hold you back and set sail on the adventure of your lifetime.

And neither the accomodation

Don't forget that Madrid has one of the best temporal accommodation offerings for students from all over Spain. You will find from shared rooms like in a fraternity style, to colleges, hostels, shared flats... Furthermore, almost everybody will tell you that sharing your daily life with Spanish speakers is one of the best ways to learn a language. Do not think about it more and visit one of our most emblematic and solicited cities.

Become one of the hundreds of thousands foreign people that choose Madrid every year to learn Spanish. And of course... they repeat! We will be delighted to welcome you here, teach you and turn your trip into an enjoyable and unforgettable experience.

See you in Madrid!

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