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In Valle Alto del Lozoya, located in the Sierra de Guadarrama, in the north of the community of Madrid, we will discover unique landscapes and activities to do. We have designed geolocated routes for you to know the area, among them we highlight the hiking.

The protected area of Alto Lozoya is known as "the jewel of the Guadarrama". This treasure houses the protected area of the "Parque Natural del Peñalara" and the "Parque Natural de la Cumbre, Circo y Lagunas de Peñalara", the highest area of the region of Madrid. It highlights a bird protection area (ZEPA) in the Alto Lozoya, the glacial lakes of Peñalara and the wetlands of the Peñalara massif. There are numerous marked trails, rest and recreation areas, viewpoints and self-interpretative itineraries that will help you to explore it.

el paular

We can start the visit in Rascafría and discover the Monastery of El Paular.

In the heart of the Lozoya Valley we locate the municipality of Alameda del Valle, an ideal destination to enjoy the tranquility and nature. It is surrounded by beautiful orchards and multicolored crops, pastures and pine forests that leave behind the mountains.

Continuing our journey, at the head of the reservoir of the same name, the town of Pinilla del Valle welcomes us surrounded by streams, the highlight is a Quaternary site containing valuable fossil remains belonging to hominids.


Between the river and the reservoir lies the town of Lozoya, which gives its name to this extensive valley, perfect for hiking and a host of outdoor activities. If we head a little north we reach the towns of Gargantilla del Lozoya and Pinilla de Buitrago surrounded by oaks, ash trees, holm oaks and natural meadows, where you can rent canoes or walk several trails. Settled on the hill of El Chaparral, the municipalities of Navarredonda and San Mamés are classic mountain enclaves full of charm at any time of the year. In the middle of the mountains, surrounded by walnut, sloe and oak groves, we enter Canencia.Peñalara

What better way to recover the vital tone tasting products from the livestock that gives its name to the appellation of origin Sierra de Guadarrama, in a variety of restaurants and traditional grills that are hidden among the small villages that make up the Lozoya Valley. There is a wide range of houses, lodgings and rural apartments, designed for families as well as for groups or couples.

Discover the Sierra Norte with the "Translozoya" train, which leaves from Chamartín station and travels through the main villages in the area.


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