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Carlos Sainz Karting

Carlos Sainz Karting

Carlos Sainz Karting Las Rozas is an indoor circuit with 450 metres of rope and double height. Technical and dynamic, with bridge, tunnel and banked curve. A spectacular and fun track. It has the Carlos Sainz Kids service, where the little ones can celebrate their birthdays in a space designed for them, with slides, ball pools and an entertainment area.

The Carlos Sainz Karting La Ermita is a combined indoor and outdoor circuit with more than 700 metres of rope. It alternates technical sectors with several chicanes and faster areas. A very particular layout, rarely seen in the world of amateur karting.

Carlos Sainz Karting is pure adrenaline. The best way to feel like a racing driver. Every curve and every straight of the circuit demands the maximum from each driver, while at the same time offering fun for all the participants in the race.

Available for all ages and levels, it's the perfect plan for the whole family. It allows the participation of children with a minimum height of 1.30m, with karts adapted for them, guaranteeing their total safety. For the public over 15 years of age, the latest generation SODIKART karts are equipped with a 270cc Honda engine and 9.5 HP power. Come and drive!