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Manzanares El Real Castle

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Manzanares El Real Castle

In the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park, at the gates of La Pedriza, stands the Castle of Manzanares El Real, the best preserved castle in the region of Madrid. Located in a place steeped in history, heritage and culture, it was declared a historic-artistic monument in 1931.

The history of this castle dates back to the Reconquest, when the area was in conflict and the lords of Segovia and Madrid fought. After the mediation of Alfonso X, it passed into the hands of the Crown and was called "El Real de Manzanares". At the end of the 14th century, Real de Manzanares passed into the hands of Mendoza, who enjoyed its maximum splendour for the next two centuries.

The theatrical visits to the Castle of Manzanares aim to bring us closer to the Spanish Renaissance period, through characters belonging to one of the most influential families of the time, the Mendoza family. During the plot we will discover the history, architecture, uses and customs of the different rooms of the castle.