Autumn routes in the Sierra Norte of Madrid

Enjoy the color of autumn through the different routes you can do in the Sierra Norte de Madrid during this time of year.

On the side of the Jarama route starts at the port of Cardoso or in La Hiruela, and runs along the Jarama River and its gallery forest of deciduous trees.

The dehesa Bonita de Somosierra and Sestil del Maillo Creek Trail and Mojonavalle Hillside (Puerto Canencia) are two routes that offer a great contrast of colors during autumn.

The Merinas de Prádena canyon has an exuberant forest of Montpellier maples, one of the most unique of the Sierra Norte.

The routes of Beautiful Valley (Bustarviejo) and Dehesa Boyal de Braojos allow you to enjoy boyal meadows of oak rebollo, one of the most emblematic natural areas of the Sierra Norte de Madrid.

Within the stone wall surrounding the Dehesa Boyal de El Berrueco there is a mixture of melojo oaks, junipers and ash trees.

The route of the sources of the Jarama crosses the headwaters of the Jarama valley, with stunning panoramic views of dense forests of deciduous trees.

Heights of Hontanar immerse us in valleys of lush vegetation, where ash, oak and pine forests flourish.

The Lozoya Valley Nature Trail is surrounded by a charming riverside forest where the ash trees stand out as protagonists.

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Image: Woods of Sierra Norte de Madrid