Turismo Madrid

  • The three cultures in Alcalá de Henares since the 12th century.


    If you want to discover new stories, explore the Jewish, Christian and Muslim quarters of medieval Alcalá. Guided tours of the neighborhoods and the three cultures of Alcalá, a World Heritage City, are offered every day. What are you waiting for?
  • Astrotourism: walks under the stars


    Do you want to go from Madrid to the sky? We have the perfect plan to bring you closer: astrotourism routes or astronomical tourism in the mountains. A new way to travel and enjoy tourist destinations, contemplating the stars.
  • International Museum Day 2021


    International Museum Day is celebrated on May 18 and the region of Madrid will be one of the many places in the world that will join the celebration of the great cultural festival. During this day, the entrance to the museums of Madrid will be free and multiple events and activities will be organized.
  • Route by the viewpoints of the Sierra de Guadarrama


    If you are looking for a weekend getaway and enjoy nature, we bring you the perfect plan: a route through the viewpoints of the Sierra de Guadarrama. Dare to know some of these wonderful natural viewpoints and contemplate the beauty of the landscapes of the region.
  • Sound Isidro 2021 Festival


    The festival and live music is back this year with the Festival Sound Isidro 2021, with almost 60 participating artists, who will hold their concerts in fifteen venues in Madrid. You can check all the concerts in the program, let yourself be carried away by the music!
  • Festivities of San Isidro 2021


    May is here and the festivities of the patron saint of Madrid are back. That's right, from May 14 to 16, the festivities of San Isidro return and the streets of the capital will be filled for three days of music, food and tradition.

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