Tourist Tours in the Region of Madrid


Do you fancy a different plan without leaving our region? This week we suggest two tours that will make you discover the secrets of football and bullfighting. Two large stadiums, two monumental bullrings, and a unique experience that you can only live here, in the Region of Madrid...

If you are a real fan of one or more sports teams, we propose you two activities for which you be a star for a day, of your favorite team. Choose yours:

Bernabeu Tour: If your team is the Real Madrid, do not miss this spectacular tour that lets you travel through the history of the white club. The Santiago Bernabeu stadium that now houses inside one of the most visited museums in our Region opens its doors for you to discover all its secrets. Once you access through the turnstiles of the door number 20 and go down by one of its impressive lifts, you will enjoy the spectacular view of the stage, the hall 'Best Club of History' where you will access to the Sensations room or the funny photomontages. You can access to the playing field through the player's tunnel and even the player's benches. The Presidential Box, the changing room and the press centre are waiting for you. As novelty, before arrive to the shopping area you will find two news interactive places: The New Club Museum and the Tribute Exhibition Hall to Alfredo di Stéfano. Discover the new tour!

Guided tour of the Wanda Metropolitano: If you are 'colchonero' ('mattress makers' nickname given to them because their stripes were the same colour as old-fashioned mattresses) by heart, you have to feel at least once the emotion that makes vibrate the players of Atletico de Madrid and its fans, stepping on the pitch. Come to the soccer field of one of the best teams in the Spanish league, the Wanda Metropolitano. Since 1966, the stadium closely guarded hundreds of anecdotes and stories that are now at your fingertips. Step into this unique stadium, and crosses the trophy room, which will take you to the celebrations in the mythical Neptune Fountain. Discover the Presidential Box, the Press Room, or the VIP Room where new players are presented. Access the field through the tunnel, feel just another player on the bench, or even in their changing room. And of course, enjoy in its Museum, sacred place for the athletics, where not only you find the most important trophies as you review the history of the club, but will also find objects that players have wanted to share with all the fans who follow them wherever they go.

If you are interested to discover or learn even more about bullfighting, we suggest you to visit two fantastic bullrings:

Las Ventas Tour: Come closer to the Bullring of Madrid, the Monumental de las Ventas del Espíritu Santo, world centre of bullfighting where the best 'bullfighters' show their art. Located in a Neo-Mudejar building, designed by Emilio Rodríguez Ayuso and Lorenzo Álvarez Capra, which marked a before and after in the architecture of the bullrings in Spain. Access it through the door with all the "kings" of this art dream carried shoulders-high, of the 'Puerta Grande'. There, you will discover its history and accede to emblematic places from where you can admire 'los tendidos' (the front row), the Royal and Presidential Boxes. Once in the bullring you can access to several doors like 'Arrastre' (dragging door), or 'Toriles' also named Corrals, among others. You can complete your visit with a demonstration managed by the students of José Luis Bote from the Bullfighting School of Madrid.

Bullfighting Museum of Aranjuez: Come to the Madrid town of Aranjuez, to know its monumental and bicentenary Royal Bullfighting, which together with the Seville's Real Maestranza and Ronda has been declared Artistic Historical Monument and Site of Cultural Interest. Discover the world of bulls and bullfighting art in the museum that houses inside, which allows you to make a complete tour of the bullring: Patio de Cuadrillas, Corrals, Chiqueros, etc. And to round things off, you will be surprised with interesting collection of objects, clothes, utensils and posters of important bullfighters who has the museum. Don't miss this visit, which gives a deeper insight into the world of bullfighting and its relationship to the history of the town.