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It is a pleasure for the palate to taste the proposals of Michelin-starred restaurants, of which the Community of Madrid has 36 awarded to 28 restaurants throughout the Community. Take advantage of your visit to have lunch or dinner in one of them, a day is a day!


DIVERXO. Calle Padre Damián, 23. Madrid

Chef Dabiz Muñoz defines his cuisine as fun, surprising and full of flavor. A creative avant-garde cuisine where everything is possible. He has been chosen as the best chef in the world two years in a row in "The Best Chefs Awards 2021" and "The Best Chefs Awards 2022".

diverXO 2020


COQUE. Calle Marqués de Riscal, 11. Madrid.

The chef Mario Sandoval leads a feast of flavors with an avant-garde cuisine that does not stop looking at the traditional recipe book in the family restaurant Coque.

DESSA. Plaza de la Lealtad 5, Madrid

Deessa has Chef Dacosta in charge and offers a unique gastronomic experience awarded with two Michelin stars thanks to its two complete tasting menus, "Historic Quique Dacosta" and "Contemporary QDRITZ", available during lunches, dinners and weekends.

DSTAgE. Calle Regueros,8

Diego Guerrero entered the list with DSTAgE, after the two stars obtained at El Club Allard. haute cuisine told in a new format for the benefit of the customer.

PACO RONCERO RESTAURANTE. Calle Alcalá, 15. Madrid

It has Ferran Adrià as advisor and gastronomic director and Paco Roncero as chef. This restaurant serves originality as a starter cocktail, as tapas, creativity and innovative gastronomic impressions, the tasting of new textures, as a main course, and for dessert, the combination of flavors and smells.

180922 Terraza Paco Roncero Restaurante W2I1565

RAMÓN FREIXA MADRID. Calle Claudio Coello, 67. Madrid

Traditional dishes are combined with the most sophisticated and modern creations. All this playing with a Mediterranean base. A menu and three menus to get in touch with its philosophy and with nature through plants and unpublished aromas.

SMOKED ROOM. P.º de la Castellana 57, Madrid

Massimiliano Delle Vedove is in charge of the kitchen, where smoke is always the protagonist and is considered a real garnish.


A'BARRA. Del Pinar 15, Madrid

Successful project of José Gómez from Joselito and Cayo Álvarez from La Catedral de Navarra. A'Barra offers product and technical cuisine with excellent raw materials.

CEBO. 34 San Jerónimo Street. Madrid

Located in the Hotel Urban, this project of Javier Sanz and Juan Sahuquillo offers a natural cuisine full of flavor and good raw materials.

CHIRÓN. 27, Alarcón St., Valdemoro.

It presents a classic-current aesthetic and offers a creative cuisine, with strong traditional roots and reminiscences of La Mancha.

CLOS MADRID. 28 Raimundo Fernández Villaverde St. Madrid.

Thanks to the use of the best raw materials, it offers an authentic creative experience with Mediterranean cuisine.

CORRAL DE LA MORERÍA. Calle Morería, 17. Madrid

The chef David García, gets for the first time a Michelin star in a flamenco tablao. Exclusive place with only four tables, a short and a long tasting menu, in which fish is the main protagonist.

Desde 1911. 3 Vivero Street. Madrid

The family García Azpíroz of Pescaderías Coruñesas, where they offer the maximum expression of the seafood of the day.

El Club Allard. 3 Vivero Street. Madrid

Martín Berasategui premieres this new proposal that adapts traditional cuisine to the new times.

15.MADRID Restaurante El Club Allard Estrella Michelin

EL INVERNADERO. 85 Ponzano St., Madrid.

Chef Rodrigo de la Calle surprises at El Invernadero with his elegant and creative cuisine prepared with top quality products.

GAYTÁN. Príncipe de Vergara 205 (side), Madrid.

Chef Javier Aranda has achieved a new star in his second restaurant, Gaytán, where he offers us the possibility of living a different gastronomic experience, prepared live.

LA TASQUERÍA. Duque de Sesto St., 48. Madrid

Haute cuisine casquería is in fashion, as shown by La Tasquería, which has been awarded a star by Javi Estévez, who recovers the gastronomic tradition with avant-garde touches.

MONTIA. Juan de Austria 7, San Lorenzo de El Escorial

In San Lorenzo de El Escorial, from Daniel Ochoa you can find two tasting menus with local products that will delight the most exquisite palates.

OSA. 123 Ribera del Manzanares Street. Madrid

With its family atmosphere, it offers a gastronomy based on classic dishes that include national products and innovative techniques.

QUIMBAYA. Calle Zurbano 63, Madrid.

Colombian haute cuisine in this recently opened Michelin-starred restaurant headed by chef Edwin Rodríguez. Travel through Colombian flavors with its tasting menu.

RavioXO.. Plaza de Manuel Gómez Moreno 5A, Madrid

The chef Balo Ortiz follows the guidelines set by Dabiz in every preparation, that always have some pasta, as well as some wonderful signature dumpling and some of the most awarded dishes of the chef from Madrid in DiverXO.


In the elegant house of the Wellington Hotel, the chef Ricardo Sanz combines Japanese and Mediterranean cuisine with global influences (Mexican, Korean...), always with the best Iberian product as the backbone.

SADDLE. Calle Amador de los Ríos, 6, 28014 Madrid

Traditional and contemporary gastronomy in which seasonal products prevail, with classic and modern techniques, in different spaces, and in the kitchen, chef Adolfo Santos.

Santerra. . 56 General Pardiñas Street. Madrid

The protagonist is the cuisine of the product, carried out with creativity and concept by the chef Miguel Carretero and his team.

Toki. . 28 Sagasta Street. Madrid

Japanese haute cuisine takes you on a gastronomic journey through the past, through innovation and culinary tradition.

UGO CHAN. Félix Boix 6, Madrid

The chef Hugo Muñoz defends a Japanese cuisine where the seasonal product is the main protagonist, including details of other cultures in a fun way and, above all, with references to the culinary icons of Madrid.

YUGO THE BUNKER. Calle de San Blas, 4, 28014 Madrid

Japanese haute cuisine, offering three tasting menus in its establishment - with the personal stamp of chef Julián Mármol. 

ZUARA SUSHI. Pensamiento 28, Madrid

New to the list is David Arauz, who, inspired by the Orient, offers a Japanese bar for 12 diners with two omakase menus.


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