Something is happening in the world of gastronomy in Madrid. We are witnessing a phenomenon in which the cuisine permeates everything. New gastronomic spaces are born every little time in the city, specialty shops, cooking schools, culinary tours and, of course, establishments, make a living and highly attractive environment for visitors.

Madrid, with strong roots in Spanish cuisine, is inspired from the cuisine style of every corner in Spain and, why not say, everywhere in the world. The open mind of Madrid, the diverse origins of its inhabitants, is a reflection in the kitchens of their establishments.

Madrid also live in taverns and restaurants along to modern gastrobars and wine bars, restaurants with affordable menu and the latest and innovative cuisine. And, of course, Madrid has one of the best offer on tapas, reflecting our Mediterranean lifestyle that has become a true trademark.

Madrid is also a great production center, despite being a big city. Many mey be surprised, but we can find quality foods with designation of origin: Olives of Campo Real, Meat of Guadarrama Mountains Anise of Chinchón, Oil of Madrid or Madrid Wines, allow us to developed the named 'kilometer 0' cuisine, giving an own personalityto the plates.

In this secition you will find information about centenrary restaurants, tapas routes, the most traditional Madrid cuisine, kitchen workshops, the Wines of Madrid or the gourmet markets.

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Take a look at our gastronomic agenda and don’t miss any event in Madrid. Enjoy one of the greatest pleasures of Madrid's culture!


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