Craft beers in Madrid


Beer is an ancient beverage that, thanks to its evolution, offers us a great variety in terms of types and flavors. In recent times gaining popularity those made by hand without flavoring or pasteurization, based on water, malt, yeast and hops. Discover with us the best craft beers in Madrid.

Villa de Madrid Chula

With the idea of satisfying the most demanding palates, this beer from Madrid is brewed without pasteurization to ensure the preservation of aromas and flavors, and using water from Madrid.


Freaks Lord Cobra

This beer by Freaks Brewing is a recent creation since the company emerged in 2015, and they have a nomadic spirit, since their beers are brewed in the breweries that open their doors to them. If there is something that characterizes this project is the originality of their beers. 

Madriz Luchana

In 2015 also arises this brewery that seeks exclusivity through the use of quality ingredients, in addition to a drink that identifies with the lifestyle of Madrid. Its logo could not be more castizo.

La Cibeles Castaña

With an intense dark amber color, beer lovers will enjoy its great taste, the result of its 100% artisan production with natural ingredients without preservatives, colorings or added additives. It is perhaps the best known and was founded in 2010 in Leganés, choosing the Goddess Cibeles as the image for its bottles. 

La Virgen Jamonera

Brewed with toasted and caramelized malts that give it a very characteristic flavor and aroma, it has a reddish color that evokes the ham to which it owes its name. ¡

Mad Brewing Nº 3 Hoppy Wheat

Already a gastronomic reference, it has also managed to find its place from its premises located in Julián Camarillo, but if something characterizes them is that every month they surprise in their premises with new varieties. 

Enigma Origen

The owners of this brewery found their inspiration when trying different craft beers in other countries. Captivated by their flavor and aromas, they decided to make their own beers from malts made by themselves. 

La Quince Hop Fiction

After several years of work, in 2013 La Quince Brewery was born, a brewery in which its two partners with a nomadic spirit brew their products in the best breweries with the collaboration of the best brewmasters.  

RestaurantesCentenarios IsabellaO shutter

Of course there are many more craft beers such as Bailandera, Malasaña or Mustache among others. Come to Madrid, do not miss our craft beers and toast with us.



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