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Dans Le Noir ?

Dans Le Noir

Dans Le Noir ?

"Dans le noir ?" is more than a restaurant, it is a unique sensory and human experience. It is about having lunch or dinner in total and absolute darkness, guided by blind waiter-guides.

In this restaurant you dine in the dark and put all your senses to the test: taste, smell, touch and hearing. Chef Edwin Cuevas creates dishes and plays with local ingredients to obtain different flavours, textures and smells in a tasting plate to enjoy in complete and absolute darkness. The originality of the ambience also makes the menu something special to discover. Enjoy an exquisite selection with your senses enhanced by a unique environment.

In addition, the experience that stands out the most is with the blind or visually impaired waiter-guides, so they will exchange social roles completely for the duration of the lunch or dinner. They are our eyes and our personal guides during the whole experience!