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From the vineyard to the boat


From the vineyard to the boat

This is not a visit to a winery, it is a journey that will take you from the vineyards of San Martín de Valdeiglesias to the best coves of the Pantano de San Juan.

The experience begins in the vineyards surrounding our winery, located in the middle of nature on the top of a hill, explaining the particular characteristics of our land and the viticulture work that is carried out throughout the year.

Afterwards, you will enter the winery where you will visit our winemaking and ageing rooms. In each of them we will tell you about the main steps in the winemaking process. We continue the visit in ValleYglesias Restaurant with our Tasting Menu. And, after lunch, we will go to the San Juan Reservoir. It is essential to come with a swimming suit: you will need it.

A boat trip that will surprise you with the beauty of each of the corners that make up the reservoir. We can take a refreshing swim and regain strength to finish the day watching the sunset from the water with a drink in your hand.