Torremocha del Jarama


The toponymy seems to derive from one of the towers that existed in the region and that were demolished by order of the Catholic Monarchs. Stroll through its streets, walk through its surroundings, observe elements of its hydraulic tradition and breathe its fresh air.

Agriculture was very productive in the municipality, as recognition of the importance of this activity has created a Museum of Agriculture where it is possible to observe tools and learn about the agricultural process. The most outstanding example of the artistic heritage of Torremocha de Jarama is the Church of San Pedro Apóstol. This is from the 16th century with an archway, the staircase leading to the tower with sgraffito from the 16th century and the mural paintings from the 14th century.

In addition to a walk through the streets of the town center, it is advisable to walk around to be in contact with nature and observe some of the elements of the hydraulic tradition.