Despite its small size, it has several sites of tourist interest. Its natural and patrimonial attractions are an invitation to visit the town and its surroundings.

Among these areas of historical and cultural relevance are the Church of Santo Tomás Apóstol, the colt, the waterwheel, the Casa de los Generales or the Plaza Mayor, the meeting place of most of the residents of Gascones.

The natural and patrimonial elements invite you to walk through the village and the surrounding areas. A few kilometers away is the Riosequillo Recreational Area where it is possible to cool off in the waters of the Lozoya River and practice outdoor activities.

There are many trails that can be enjoyed, such as the case of the path of the halt that if you continue you will reach the Reliquias peak which is 1960 meters high. Or the path to the neighboring town of Braojos of just 2.5 km or a harder path that climbs up to the Peña Quemada.


More information: Gascones Town Hall