Perales de Tajuña


For centuries the Risco de las Cuevas has watched over this town, which was once a strategic defensive position.

The town is located in the Tajuña River Valley and enjoys a valuable natural landscape. The artistic heritage of Perales de Tajuña also offers interesting examples such as the Church of Santa María del Castillo. It was built with stone between the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and has a single nave, transept and dome of half orange gallonada on pendentives. Another example of heritage are the caves, excavated by man to be used as a residence or agricultural dependence. At present, there are practically no original samples left, only houses superimposed on the caves. Also related to excavations is the Risco de las Cuevas, composed of a group of 47 cavities -similar to niches- of prehistoric origin and where archaeological remains have been found.

It is also highly recommended to walk through the streets of Perales and, in the vicinity, to observe the lime and plaster kilns as well as a mill and the paper factory.


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