Orusco de Tajuña


Perched on a hillside and surrounded by poplars and willows, this town full of charm and tranquility on the plain of the Tajuña River offers an alternative way of living in the region of Madrid.

The landscape is very interesting because the town is located in the fertile valley of the river. These natural landscapes are highly recommended -there are routes to enjoy them to the maximum- and together with the heritage and traditions attract many visitors.

The main examples of Orusco's artistic heritage are the Church of San Juan Evangelista, the Ermita de la Virgen de Bellaescusa and the Pozo de Nieve. The church is a baroque construction -from the 17th century- with three naves separated by Tuscan columns and a coffered ceiling. It presents a tower of two bodies and in the interior of the temple a baptismal font of the XIV century is conserved.

The Hermitage was erected in the 13th century to venerate the Virgin of Bellaescusa. The old Pozo de Nieve reflects one of the municipal traditions. This consisted of building wells to fill them with snow and ice during the winter and use it in summer to keep products cold.


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