Villa del Prado


70km from Madrid and in the wine region of San Martín de Valdeiglesias, it is known as "the orchard of Madrid". It is worth exploring the town center (its Gothic church of Santiago Apostle from the 15th century is of cultural interest), as well as enjoying its environment practicing outdoor activities. 

You can't miss the parish church of Santiago Apóstol in the Plaza Mayor. The heritage of the municipality also has a number of hermitages, such as Nuestra Señora de la Poveda, from the 17th century Baroque, which houses the image of the patron saint of the town, the hermitage of Santa Lucia, or the hermitage of Cristo de la Sangre. Nor can we forget its Town Hall, typical Castilian of the seventeenth century; the front of the palace of Álvaro de Luna, or the fountains of Los Caños, Picañejo and La Reguera.

But this town is also characterized by its nature, and gives us the opportunity to walk along the local road to Pelayos de La Presa enjoying its mountains with native fauna of oaks, cistus and pines. Another walk that we should not miss is on the banks of the Alberche River, with crystal clear waters suitable for swimming and white sandy beaches. Or even along the route of the abandoned railway track, in the municipal natural park of Gurugú.


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