SRC M.Peinado


To the northwest of the city, it is located this popular residential and commercial town. Its linear and peripheral parks, together with the large number of urban parks, make it a place close to nature.

Two of these peripheral parks, the so-called Monte Pozuelo and the Somosaguas forest, are actually the natural continuation of the El Pardo and Casa de Campo mountains, respectively.

Perhaps the culprit for the scarcity of Pozuelo de Alarcón's historical heritage is the Civil War of the 1930s. To get an idea of the damage suffered by the town, located in the middle of the war front, it may suffice to say that the authorities had to request a plan of the town to the Geographic Institute to redraw the streets. However, we will now make a brief review of its unique buildings: the church and the college of San José de Cluny or residence of the Missionary Oblates of Emmaus, both from the late nineteenth century; and the parish church that in 1940 succeeded the one destroyed by the war.


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