Its physical and natural environment is deeply related to the mountain, peaks, slopes and river depressions are appreciated. It is an ideal place to practice outdoor activities such as hiking, horseback riding and cycling, winter sports...

The arrival of the railroad and the improvement in the means and ways of communication made Guadarrama a destination for people who went to rest or to cure respiratory problems, so the service sector was boosted. The healing of such problems was due to the unbeatable location of the municipality.

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The Peña del Arcipreste de Hita -declared a Natural Monument of National Interest in 1930-, the Jarosa Reservoir and its surroundings -a mountain pine forest ecosystem-, the Cabeza Líjar viewpoint -the junction point between Madrid, Ávila and Segovia- and the Alto del León are examples of the natural wealth, which is complemented by abundant vegetation and fauna.

Guadarrama also offers important cultural and artistic samples, among which the following stand out: The Tower of the old church -today a cultural center-, from the XV or XVI centuries, preserves the wall and the main chapel; the Fuente de Piedra, from the year 1785, with neoclassical style; the Church of San Miguel Arcángel, built in the XVIII century over the old Paneras Reales and the Real Pósito de la Villa y Corte de Madrid; and the Puente del Rosario, from the XVIII century, made with granite ashlars fitted together.


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