The exceptional beauty of Cercedilla and its natural wealth made it a stop for the Royal Court on its way from La Granja to Madrid and vice versa until the opening of a new road through Navacerrada.

The development of Cercedilla and its privileged geographical location have turned the town into a place for tourism, recreation and summer rest for many people and the headquarters of sports, cultural and scientific associations. The municipality is also home to the Puerto de Navacerrada, a strategic point of communication between the plateaus and a reference point for outdoor activities and skiing.

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The natural wealth of Cercedilla is enviable, with abundant water and varied flora and fauna that have a magnificent representation in the Fuenfría Valley. Cercedilla offers the possibility of enjoying nature thanks to the existing viewpoints and routes in the municipality.

The artistic and cultural heritage of the town is very remarkable. In addition to the Roman remains such as the road and bridges, there are also religious buildings such as the Church of San Sebastian and the Hermitage of Santa Maria -of the seventeenth century and showing the popular architecture. Inside the church there is a Churrigueresque altarpiece from 1612 that decorates the head of the church.

In Cercedilla there are also relevant constructions of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, among which are the Summer Colonies, the Railway Station, the Fábrica de la Luz, the Sanatorium of Fuenfría, the Club de Mayores and the Plaza de Toros.


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