Molinos (Los)


The geographical location of the municipality, in the middle of the mountains, and the presence of the Guadarrama River and six streams give great natural wealth to the town. The arrival of the railroad at the end of the 19th century encouraged trade and favored tourism. Many of the tourists established their second residence.

The artistic and cultural heritage of Los Molinos has its greatest exponents in the old mills -of which some remains remain- and in the religious constructions. The Church of the Purísima Concepción, from 1570, is Renaissance with Scurialenses influences. It has a Latin cross nave, with a portico on the exterior with half-barrel vaults. In the interior there is a baroque altarpiece from the 18th century made of gilded and polychrome wood.

Other patrimonial examples are in the chapels of San José and Carmen. The Chapel-Chapel of San José, from 1737, is of neoclassical Herrerian style and is located in the old cemetery. The Chapel-Chapel of Carmen, from 1929, is erected with masonry and wooden frame covered with flat tile.


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