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The Middle Lozoya River Valley is located in the north end of the Region of Madrid, where the Somosierra Port is located. This port is the busiest entry point from the North. Come with us and visit the villages with charm of this area of the Northern Range..

We Recommend You a Tour

We depart in the Somosierra Port, where there is a small path that hosts the highest waterfall in the Region: the Chorrero de los Litueros. Before leaving this area we can watch the plaque in the Hermitage of Our Lady of the Loneliness that commemorates the Somosierra Battle, from where the Napoleón army got into Madrid.

If we follow the N-I road, we reach an area with an impressive natural environment. Here we discover Robregordo and La Acebeda (one of the smallest towns in Madrid) that as the name suggests we can find the main holly forest (acebeda in Spanish) of the Region of Madrid. In the forest, which is between both municipalities, we can observe interesting tree species: alders, poplars and cedars. In Robregordo there are still granite and wooden oak constructions with shingles from the former tile of Horcajo, which together with the Church of Santa Catalina, are the most significant monuments if the village.


If we go further down through the road, we will arrive to Horcajo de la Sierra and its hamlet Aoslos. In Horcajo, we travel across time centuries when go around the streets with peculiar buildings. We stand out the Church of San Pedro in Cátedra, a gothic monument from the 15th century with a great artistic value. We continue our tour and then we arrive to Madarcos, the city of Madrid with less registered inhabitants (less than 25) and with a typical Mountainous environment. In the surroundings you will be able to enjoy recreational areas where you can take a deserved break.

If we turn over Buitrago de Lozoya, Sierra del Rincón direction, we will arrive to Piñuécar. You cannot miss the "La piedra de las Veces", a peculiar Sun Clock located in the adjacent town Gandullas. A former laundry, the Mill of Fausta or the church of San Simón are some of the peculiar attractions.

After this, you must stop by Buitrago de Lozoya, declared a Place of Cultural Interest, with an impressive walled complex enclosed by the Lozoya River, that together with the Alcázar-Castle, they were declared National Monuments. The chapel of the Holly Christ and the Church of Santa María of the Castle are a must. You can neither avoid to go the second half of December: the Living Nativity Scene is considered as a "Festival of Cultural Interest"


Three kilometer away is located Villavieja del Lozoya, known due to the Mudejar arches in the ruins of a house that today is part of an inn. This together with the Parish Church of the Inmaculada is one of the places of great interest on this area.

We are finishing our tour stopping by Gascones, a municipality surrounded by livestock trails and where you can visit the Parish Church of Santo Tomás. We continue to La Serna del Monte where you can see the sun clock that was used by the farmers to measure their irrigation times. It also has a refurbished forge turned into a rural accommodation. Finally we reach Braojos, a municipality that thanks to the elevation of the neighboring parishes, allows you to have great views of the valley.

What If I Want to do Some Activities...?

In any of the towns from the Middle Lozoya River Valley there are paths that you can take for hiking, cycling or riding a horse or a donkey. You can even practice and learn paragliding on the high mountains.

There are also many recreational areas in Buitrago del Lozoya, Horcajo de la Sierra, Robregordo and La Acebeda, where, for example, you can have lunch outdoors with your family.

Come to the Initiative and Touristic Resource Centre of Buitrago del Lozoya in order to get more information.

Where Can We Wat and Sleep?

If you want to stop along the way and taste good food, you have numerous restaurants that still have the Mountainous tradition. The veal from the Guadarrama Range stands out, which has Denomination of Origin.

All towns of the area have a great offering of rural accommodations, always respecting the environment. This will allow you to be far away from the stress of the city.

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