Party hard


If all that remains to decide before partying hard is where to sleep, you should know that in Madrid we take you into account from the very first time. That is why we offer a large network of accommodations that comprises hostels, refugees, urban camps... Learn more and choose the most suited to your needs.

Don’t make excuses; it will be easy for you to find an accommodation to stay in Madrid. Are you ready? Come with us and we will show you where to go to keep the party going.

Madrid’s night has many atmospheres going from the student area in the northwestern side of the city, to breweries in Santa Bárbara Square and Glorieta de Bilbao or the fun and transgressor night of Chueca, famous for the energy it releases.

In the north-west part of the city is where the youngest atmosphere meets. The closeness to the Complutense University makes this area one of the favorites for students, especially the block bounded by the streets of Fernando El Católico, Gaztambide and Andrés Mellado. Better known as “Bajos de Argüelles), the variety of music contributes to a wider range of ages in the rest of Moncloa.

Breweries like the Santa Bárbara Square or Glorieta de Bilbao act as night axes in Alonso Martínez and Bilbao. Traditional pubs, more elegant or alternative coexist in their streets, and with them, the subsequent wide range of public they attract: the ones that end their night dancing with the best Spanish pop music, prevalent in these pubs.

The night in Chueca is famous due to the energy it releases. Everyone that enters in one of the pubs of the neighborhood is quickly infected with the fun they have in there. Do not miss the most chic places at the moment with the cocktails you have always wanted. The best music is waiting for you in the most famous gay neighborhood of Spain.

If you want to continue with the “Movida Madrileña” from the 80’s, you must visit Malasaña, where the rock atmosphere and the styles and trends fusion can be noticed. Either inside or outside of the locals and the streets there is a constant coming-and-going of people from all ages. Having tapas or some drinks, there are some pubs that you must visit for the nostalgic ones or to enjoy live music.

The favorite destination for tourists and exchange students is Huertas, where fun never ends and the party is guaranteed every day of the week. Live music locals, bars where to eat tapas, breweries that set their terraces in the Santa Ana Square with the Teatro Español as a background, and clubs that don’t close until early in the morning.

The night of Madrid in Lavapiés is unique and it deserves to be enjoyed with no rush. The live performances of musical bands and flamenco singers are combined with the offering of different clubs or bars, where you can have a drink or dance until early in the morning. Without forgetting the famous “Paseo Marítimo Madrileño”, Argumosa Street, it is special because it hosts some of the most original restaurants in the area and, moreover, it is famous due to the high number of terraces and boulevards that will delight those that pass by there.