Ocio y tiempo libre


Get in touch with nature via the voluntary work camp, nautical activities in the San Juan or the Atazar reservoirs, or take an equestrian route. You can even do paragliding at La Cabrera! Go hiking following the walking tracks of the Region of Madrid. It is not far away, and it is worth it in every step you take. Learn more and do not miss anything.

If you love enjoying the most authentic sports, you must know that our city has a further ace up its sleeve. You can attend to a top football competition with the participation of our main football teams, or the most exciting and decisive basketball games, enjoy tennis, golf, Madrid’s marathon, and the San Silvestre Vallecana, or sky in the Madrid Snow Zone in Xanadú

Enjoy the Picnic Sessions at the Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo (2nd of May Art Centre), during summer time. Here you can attend to poetry recitals of the most novel and transgressor artists on the national and international scene.

And for gamers, Madrid Games Week is an amazing attraction. In this event you will find the latest videogames, the most amazing cosplays and the most wanted and famous in the past video consoles. If you are into videogames (if not, you will), you should not miss it! 

You can also go with base sports, training in the many extensive parks around the city and in the municipal and private sport halls. But as you may know, the city is not everything, and to enjoy your free time you can chose all the alternatives that the municipalities of the Region of Madrid can offer to you. Take a guided tour in Alcalá de Henares at Noches de Verano (summer nights), or enjoy the adventure activities that Las Rozas municipality organizes; or enjoy the most authentic living Zombies.