¿Nos vamos de compras?


You will certainly be looking forward to visit the best shopping places of Madrid, either in one of those large avenues full of the best shops in the World o either in a lovely street replete with the typical small shops. Nonetheless, your place is here.

In this city it is possible to find everything and for all tastes, from the most common things to the most specific and outlandish things. Madrid has little boutiques of major designers, well-known fashion chains and big shopping centers, a real paradise for shopping lovers.

In Madrid you will also find many shops of typical products and souvenirs such as the famous figure of the bear and the strawberry tree, replicas of the famous monuments like the Puerta de Alcalá, bullfighting art, tiles and other ceramic products with the most emblematic sites of the capital, souvenir t-shirts… or either you will find typical gastronomic products like the native beer, goat cheese, typical candies from Madrid, wine and domestic meat products, pastry, olive oil… Nearly endless souvenirs that will make you don’t forget the region of Madrid.

Travel along the Trendy route, as all cities have the trendiest areas, where the coolest is standard and where the trends arrive first. In the Spanish capital this area is Malasaña, a neighborhood of the Central district limited by the streets Princesa, Gran Vía, Fuencarral, Carranza and Alberto Aguilera. So get on the bike, wear your sunglasses and let’s go. However, even Malasaña is the hipster area par excellence of Madrid; Lavapiés also has corners that rival it. Madrid traditional custom coexists with the trendiest fashion in Santa Isabel Street.

Outside the capital you can enjoy the shopping centres, full of the most prestigious fashion brands at very affordable prices, suitable for all budgets. And there are also some typical flea markets of handicraft products, which deserve a particular mention.

Just to name some of them among the wide range offer that you have, we will highlight the “Mercado Artesano” (Handicraft Market) of Colmenar Viejo, the “Punto de Encuentro de Artesanos” (Artisans meeting point) of Alameda de Osuna, the “Mercadillo Ecológico y Artesano” (Ecological and Artisan Flea market) of Colmenarejo, the “Mercadillo de Artesanías” SORCAS (SORCAS handicraft flea market) in Moralzarzal, the “Mercado del Siglo de las Luces” in Villaviciosa de Odón, el “Mercado del Caracol” in Majadahonda or the “Zoco del Soto” in La Moraleja. And those are some of them! Undoubtedly, this is a tour that you cannot miss if you want to acquire the most authentic products produced by the most well known artisans.