Discover the water parks of the Region of Madrid

Celebrate the arrival of summer with a fun family day out at some of the many water parks in Madrid.

This summer, the Region of Madrid will be the ideal destination to cool off and have fun with the family, thanks to its wide range of aquatic parks. From those close to the capital to those in natural settings, each park offers a unique experience for all visitors.

Aquopolis Villanueva de la Cañada is the largest water park in the region, located just 40 km from the city. With VIP areas for exclusive relaxation and 21 water attractions, such as the vertiginous Boomerang and the relaxing Wave Pool, it offers fun for all ages.

Parque Warner Beach, adjacent to the famous Warner Park, combines the magic of Warner Bros. with 11 themed water attractions, such as The Fjords and The Jungle, for a full day of family fun.

Closer to the city center is the Parque de Atracciones Madrid, which is not a water park but has some water attractions such as Los Rápidos and El Aserradero.

Honna Surf Hub brings surfing to Madrid with personalized lessons and a beach atmosphere, ideal for learning and enjoying the waves without leaving the city. It is a place where fun is combined with learning in a unique social environment.

For those looking for a trip outside of Madrid, the Wakeboard Center in the Sierra Norte offers water skiing and other activities such as paddle surfing and jet skiing. This center is famous for its 5-pulley cable ski system, ideal for all levels.

Very close to the Wakeboard Center is Aquamagic, a water, land and air entertainment center where you can enjoy activities such as paintball, archery and human foosball, as well as several swimming pools and water sports such as paddle surfing and flyboards.

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