Teatros del Canal 2023-2024

Between September 2023 and June 2024, the Teatros del Canal in Madrid will offer performances of theater, music, dance, flamenco, opera, zarzuela, circus, improvisation, cabaret...

In the 2023-2024 Season, the stage space Teatros del Canal, which next year celebrates its 15th anniversary as a benchmark for the regional performing arts, is committed to diversity and eclecticism with almost a hundred Spanish companies and 21 from countries such as Germany, Australia, Israel, Greece, Japan, South Africa and Taiwan. The program includes 30 theatrical productions of very varied sign and 31 shows that embrace contemporary dance, Spanish dance, flamenco, hip hop and dance-theater. Music is another of the great protagonists of the season with 22 concerts, as well as five festivals, a magic show, two circus performances, an opera, a zarzuela and two technological shows.

The Ballet Nacional de España, the Sydney Dance Company, Pepping Tom, the Fundación del Siglo de Oro, Eduardo Guerreo and Olga Pericet are some of the artists and companies that can be enjoyed this season.

More information: Teatros del Canal 2023-2024

Image: ©Teatros del Canal of the Region of Madrid