Photographic exhibition "Picasso by the great masters"


Until June 25, the Museo Picasso-Colección Eugenio Arias in Buitrago del Lozoya presents the exhibition "Picasso by the great masters: from Cecil Beaton to Irving Penn".

This exhibition shows the work of different photographers of the twentieth century, who played a decisive role in the construction of the Picasso myth. Beyond the creative genius, Pablo Picasso became a universal icon of modern culture with the complicity of photography. The Malaga-born artist knew the communicative power of the image and understood very early on its importance in the transformation of a public image, as well as its capacity to nurture the cult of the artist's personality.

The exhibition invites to approach the artist, his ways of thinking and working, and many crucial moments of his artistic and personal life in his more than 70 years of career, through 65 photographs of key masters of the history of photography. The exhibition includes snapshots by great artists such as Man Ray, Cecil Beaton, Robert Capa, David Douglas Duncan and Irving Penn, among others.

The tour of the exhibition begins with a young Picasso at the age of 26 in the artistic neighborhood of Montmartre in Paris, the art capital of the world at the time where he had settled in 1904, to the 86-year-old Picasso in Mougins, in the South of France, the area where he moved to in the late 1940s, and where he is photographed in this exhibition on several occasions.


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