Farmer's House


Designed by Juan de Villanueva, this miniature palace is located inside the Prince's Garden. Among its rooms stands out the Platinum Cabinet, covered in wood with gold and platinum inlays. 

It was commissioned by the kings Carlos IV and Maria Luisa of Parma. Inside, the Neoclassical style is intermingled with various decorative trends in vogue at the time of its execution, such as the imperial style, the Pompeian or Rococo. The palace preserves one of the most important neoclassical ensembles in Europe, as it houses some of the most beautiful ornamentation of the period: tempera vaults, Valencian silk hangings, canvases, clocks, bronzes, marble and porcelain sills from the Buen Retiro.

Among its rooms, highlights the Platinum Cabinet, which was used as a boudoir by Queen Maria Luisa of Parma and decorated by the French masters Percier and Sitel, who devised a mahogany boiserie inlaid with gilded bronze and platinum. Other remarkable rooms are the billiard room, the Ballroom and the Salon de Maria Luisa.

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Image Credits: Farmer's House © Flickr