Beyond the palaces and gardens


In Aranjuez, there are also other palaces for civilian use such as the Palaces of Godoy and Osuna, the first famous because it was the starting place of the Mutiny of Aranjuez, or those of Silvela and Maria Cristina.

If we walk towards the center of Aranjuez, we find the Church of San Antonio in the square of the same name, which was widely used by the kings, due to the limited capacity of the Royal Chapel of the palace.

Continue your walk through the historic center visiting the Teatro Real, the Mercado de Abastos and the Casa del Gobernador, the Cocheras de la Reina Madre, the Palacio de Medinaceli, the Hospital de San Carlos, the Convento de San Pascual, the typical corralas, the Plaza de Toros, the Iglesia de Alpajés, the Cuartel de Pavía, the Parador del Rey, the Town Hall and the Real Cortijo de San Isidro.

On the other hand, the Casa de Oficios y Caballeros was used to lodge the entourage during the events that took place in the town and, with the same purpose, the Casa de Infantes was built in the time of Carlos III.

Don't forget to visit the bridges over the Tagus River and the railroad station which you will reach if you travel on the famous Strawberry Train.


Image Credits: Royal Palace of Aranjuez © Juan Castro. Region of Madrid