Enfréntate a los dragones de Komodo


We propose you a surprising challenge. Front the Komodo dragons, the biggest and most dangerous lizards in the world.

Faunia inaugurates Guardería de Dragones (Dragon Nursery), the first facility in Madrid dedicated to this kind of lizard, where inhabit two offspring of this fascinating animal that can reach 3 meters in length and 70 kg.

The two speciments coexist in a large space of 144 m2 with garden areas, which have all the comforts and technological advances to recreate their natural habitat, with a constant temperature, between 23 and 27 ° C, and an automatic misting system with rain that allow them to enjoy refreshing swims.

Young and old will enjoy closer than ever of these specimens, which are notable for their large size and aggressiveness. You will be able to discover curiosities in didactic lectures that will be free on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

Learn more: http://www.faunia.es/enfrentate-los-dragones-de-komodo

Since 15.90€ (Adult, Senior or Child).