Turismo Madrid

Experiencia "Almuerzo Motero" en motos Harley Davidson - REDSEVEN


Las Ventas Tour, allow you to discover the closest corners of the most important bullring in the world. You can complete this experience with a Ballroom Bullfighting show.

The Ballroom bullfighting show is a whole bullfighting simulation with Bullfighting School of Madrid students, using a training cart instead an animal. Through this activity you will discover the capote, skewer and cruth, and also practice with them.

A great experience for the fist approach to the bullfighing traditionand a new exhibition for this art lovers. The activity takes place in the bullring arena, lasts 45 minutes and is suitable for group visits with guide in Spanish, English or French.

More information and reservations, acces our web http://lasventastour.com/actividades-especiales/toreo-de-salon/ or write us This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.