Turismo Madrid


If you are one of those that likes to mingle with the people, get lost in the streets without roam around the streets without rush, looking for bargains and 'gravy trains', under the shouts of passionate sellers mixed with pop music... Then you are a street market fan. So you have to keep reading these lines in order to know when and where you can find a street market, and what kind of objects you can find there.

The Rastro is the street market par excellence; its origin dates back to the Middle Age and nowadays is one of the icons of the capital. Go on a Sunday to the Latina neighborhood, around the Plaza del Cascorro, and you will find stamps, jewellery, ethnic clothes, hand fans, cinema posters, vinyl LPs with all the Spanish discography, the smell of the leather, Moroccan craftsmanship, all kinds of collection pieces and many more. Enjoy the Castilian gastronomy, have a wine and a tapa in some of the Castilian taverns and enjoy the most traditional Madrid.

Other Markets

Walking around there you will find the market of old books of the Cuesta de Moyano, located close to the Retiro and where you will be able to find real literary jewels. In the Felipe II square, right in the Goya Street, it is located the well known "hippies market". Every Sunday you can assist to the traditional philatelic market in the Plaza Mayor, where all the collectors must go. The Train Museum in the former Delicias station, hosts the second Sunday of the month, the Engine Market, clothes, vintage furniture, live shows... In the Market of the Plaza Conde de Barajas you will be able to buy works of more than 30 artists that exhibit their work outdoors. The Market of the Frogs is celebrated the first Saturday of the month in the letters neighborhood.

If you visit Madrid during Christmas, you have to go to the market in the Plaza Mayor. Figures of the Nativity Scene, jokes, costumes and all you can imagine to have the best holidays.

The Mercadillo de Majadahonda stands out among the markets of other cities of the Region. It has more than 180 stalls every Tuesday and Satuday, between the Erillas, Santa Cristina and Moon streets. Clothes, shoes, foos, flowers, craftsmanship...

Medieval and period markets

During the previous years, the period markets bring life to many cities full of history. These events release craftsman products with an atmosphere full of games and shows for everybody. We recommend you below some of them.

During the Carnival, Chinchón celebrates a medieval market where there is a party environment.

In spring the oldest medieval market of Madrid is celebrated in the El Álamo, due to the quality of the activities and shows.

The first weekend of September, in Navalcarnero is celebrated the Golden Century Market, commemorating the wedding of Mariana of Austria with the king Felipe IV.

By the beginning of September the Goyesco Market is celebrated, during the holidays of the Riot of Aranjuez. These are festivals with their own identity, declared of national touristic interest.

By the end of September you must go to the Medieval Market of Buitrago del Lozoya, which is developed in the walled enclosure of the Madrid Villa. There is no better place to create a medieval atmosphere.

In the beginning of October, a medieval market is celebrated in the Castle of Manzanares el Real, together with medieval days celebrated in the town.

Alcalá de Henares during its Cervantes Weeks hosts the biggest period market of Spain in October, and in week where there are a great cultural offering.