Turismo Madrid

Gastronomía castiza

The Madrid cuisine, has been influencet by all the surrounding región cuisines dued to the migratory flow from the rural areas to the big city. Now, thanks to the Tourism, the Madrid cuisine has become a greed of diiferent international cuisines.

First, very famous, the Madrid Cocido. Three plates: first, the soup. Second, chickpeas with carrot, potato and cabbage. Third, pork and beef.

Other tradtional plate are tripe, beef and lamb stew, grilled pig ears, mushrooms, garlic prawns, snails, sweetbreads, squid sándwich and wild meat.

We cannot miss the fish plates. Recipes like cod or baked red bream.

¿Dessert? We highlight the Villaconejos melons or Aranjuez strawberries , hight quality food. The sweetest dishes are filled fritter, doughnut (rosquillas), wafers (barquillos) , torrijas and roscón de reyes depending on the time of year.

We finish remarking the Designation of Origin Wines of Madrid, young, aromatic or fruity, rosé, red or white. Liquors like the anise of Chinchón or the popular sangria.

Image credits: ©Region of Madrid