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Cooking Schools


For aspiring chefs, cooks, amateurs and gourmets, Madrid and its community are a paradise where you will find a variety of cooking schools to suit your desires: culinary arts, cooking or basic workshops.

The oldest school in Madrid is called Le Cordon Bleu, which offers advanced studies in avant-garde cuisine, pastry and bakery at the Francisco de Vitoria University.

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For lovers of traditional Spanish cuisine, we find the school El Laurel, where we can be taught to cook to perfection spoon dishes, pasta, laborious recipes for meat and fish and even to prepare original and simple tapas to taste.

We can also opt for the Spanish and foreign food courses offered by the "cooking club" or the Italian recipes of the Academia del Gusto.

For vegetarians, the Cocina Crudivegana teaches healthy and vegetable cooking, illustrating the use of machinery and even making desserts.

Finally, we must not forget the fans of Serrano ham or cheese, as they can enjoy cheese workshops, blind tastings and competitions at the Poncelet Cheese Bar or learn how to cut ham and its secrets at the Iberian ham cutting school.

The official hotel and catering schools run restaurants, open to the public during the academic year, where they offer gourmet menus at popular prices.


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