Turismo Madrid


The Region of Madrid has a priviledge location, in the center of Spain. If we add the radial topology of the road and rail networks, we have an excelent connection by land with all the spanish cities and border countries.

There are seven major state highways linking Madrid with other major Spanish cities. Also, the Region of Madrid itself has a number of highways, which facilitate communication between large metropolitan area cities.

The basic structure of the Spanish road network is radial, centered on Madrid. There are six major roads:: A-1, Madrid-Burgos-Irún; A-2, Madrid-Barcelona-La Junquera; A-3, Madrid-Valencia; A-4, Madrid-Sevilla; A-5, Madrid-Badajoz y A-6, Madrid-A Coruña.

Entering through any of the six main roads three are six rings called M-50, M-40 y M-30, easing the traveling around the Region of Madrid.

The Region of Madrid Road Network complements the great state infrastructure, being benefit thanks to its traditional importance as the state capital.

The regional and local roads communicate every town and other municipalities from nearby regions.