Parques biosaludables: deporte al aire libre en la región

Bio-healthy parks: outdoor sports in the region

Location: Madrid

The bio-healthy parks are your option this summer to get in shape and enjoy the outdoors. The machines in these parks will allow you to exercise and tone muscles and joints for as long as you want. 

In order not to miss any of the points where you can exercise, the Community of Madrid, in collaboration with the different municipalities, has prepared a map of healthy meeting points which you can access here. The map allows you to visualize the address and the different elements installed. There are 98 healthy points in 64 municipalities of less than 15,000 inhabitants in the region.

The Joan Miró parks in Becerril de la Sierra, the Dehesilla in Collado Mediano, Paraje Las Vegas in Griñón, the Mirador de Cobeña, the Sotillo de Navacerrada, or the parks in Soto del Real, Villalbilla, Corpa, Alpedrete, Titulcia, Cobeña, Valdemaqueda or Navas del Rey, are some of your options.

Apparatus such as the AG-1 or cross-country skiing, will strengthen your lower body, as well as your quadriceps or calves. 

The pony or AG-2 will increase cardiovascular function and strengthen muscle flexibility. 

Others such as the AG-6 or surf will make it possible to work the waist muscles and overall body coordination. 

To continue exercising the hips, use the skate or AG-7, which will help improve cardiovascular and pulmonary capacity. 

The AG-8, ideal for working the lower back, can be combined with the AG-9 or massage, which works the hips, lower extremities, back and also the lumbar region.

 It is becoming easier and easier to exercise close to where you live. Find out which park is near you and get in shape!


More information:  Parques biosaludables | Comunidad de Madrid 

Image credits:  Parques biosaludables © Verbaska. Shutterstock