Nuevas rutas para disfrutar

New routes to enjoy

Location: El Boalo, Cerceda y Mataelpino

Smell and taste of people, fresh air, nature, trails and paths that intersect through rivers and streams of crystalline water, ancient trees, native fauna or the beauty of the Guadarrama Natural Park, is something that we can enjoy in the Region of Madrid, which is only one hour from the centre of the city.

The orography is stunning with La Maliciosa and the Sierra de los Porrones, as the maximum exponents, which accompany us in our routes. The history serves us as a guide, the Way of Saint James passes through these places, thousands of pilgrims before us had the same sensations and met these paths and routes, we can even rest in the hostel that is located on the road to Mataelpino. Nowadays it is one of the transits of the " Route " that agglutinates major number of pilgrims especially with the arrival of the fine weather.

Through the trails, livestock trails and local roads, the landscape becomes a reality before our eyes, the Mediterranean vegetation emerges, and the environment immerses us in a sense of peace and harmony. The Sierra de Guadarrama Natural Park surrounds us with the granite formations of La Pedriza, as well as the southern facade of the Park. The summits of El Yelmo, Cordal de los Porrones and Cuerda Larga welcome us.

For the lovers of the ornithology this is a place of obligatory stop, the sighting of birds is unique in this zone due to the different ecosystems that coexist here. The pine forests, mountains, wetlands, the high mountains and the steppe are home and transit for more than 240 species of birds. The imperial eagle stands out in all its splendour and nests in these places. The black stork, the black and red kite, the booted eagle, the nightjar, the red neck, the Eurasian eagle-owl, the bee-eater, the Red-rumped swallow are some of the species that are common to see in the area.

But not everything is nature, those interested in the medieval past and archaeology, can find remains along the road and trails. We highlight the Neolithic tomb mound at the entrance of El Boalo.

The villages are a real delight, with their craft markets, local and organic products, such as honey, craft beer, cheese... all made with natural raw materials. Therefore, the gastronomy is rich and varied, the typical plates of the mountain elaborated with artisan recipes take us to another time, in which the time stopped in the stoves.

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Image credits: Picos de la Higuera - Turismo BCM