Theatrical performances at Manzanares Castle

All weekends until December 30

Location: Castle of Manzanares El Real

We bring you a new adventure to get out of the routine. A journey through the Castle of Manzanares accompanied by Brianda de Mendoza.

Brianda de Mendoza, a maiden imbued with the spirit of the Renaissance, is relegated, because she is a woman, to roles opposite to her desires. Brianda aspires to learn the trade of architecture with the great master Juan Guas, responsible for the restoration of the Castle of Manzanares. To achieve this, she has to confront her father, Don Íñigo López de Mendoza.

The public will be immersed between two worlds and will witness the contradictions of a time of transformation, between the Middle Ages and the new era of change and rupture that the Renaissance represented. At the same time we will see the feminine references that reflect the will and determination of women to achieve equal opportunities.

A great opportunity to experience the history of this beautiful castle and the people who lived there. Learn about the life of Brianda de Mendoza and the difficulties she had to face, live, explore, discover, know!

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Image credits: Dramatized visit to Manzanares Castle©David Serrano P. Community of Madrid