Vuelven las barcas del parque de El Retiro

The boats in El Retiro Park are back

Location: Estanque Grande de El Retiro

If you are visiting, you cannot leave without meeting him, and if you live here, we propose one of the most relaxing plans, to explore one of the lungs of the capital, we are talking about El Retiro Park.

Although it has been closed during these months due to the crisis generated by the COVID-19, since July it has resumed its normal activity, and you can visit its wonderful places, until you reach its large pond. Once there, we encourage you to get on board in one of its boats to enjoy a pleasant experience, as the pier has been adapted to the new safety requirements, installing separating screens, installing hydro-alcoholic dispensers, and guaranteeing the cleaning and disinfection of each boat after each use.

More info: Estanque Grande de El Retiro

Image credits: Comunidad de Madrid