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“Roots by default"

“Roots by default”

Venue: Sala de Arte Joven (Av. América)

The project "Se busca comisario/a", in its 13th call for entries, has awarded a prize to the exhibition "Roots by default" which, until 24 July, can be seen at the Sala de Arte Joven, in Madrid.

The exhibition revolves around the idea of tradition, of roots. Curated by Claudia Elies and María Gracia de Pedro, up to six artists make up the show. Thus, Cristina Mejías, Christian García Bello, Jimena Kato, Mònica Planes, Lucía Bayón Mendoza, and Gonçalo Sena make up this invitation to tradition, to the link with what is one's own, what remains.

This is an interdisciplinary exhibition that plays with textures, models and times; with the new and the ancestral, what changes and what remains. On view are tools, creative objects and materials such as cement, paper and fabrics. Through this inventory, the exhibition invites us to reflect on our belonging, on manual work with techniques from yesterday and today, and on the future of our future.


More information: "Roots by default"

Image credits: © Guillermo Gumiel