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"Guillermo Mora. A bridge where to stay"

"Guillermo Mora. A bridge where to stay"

Venue: Sala Alcalá 31

The Sala Alcalá 31 in Madrid is hosting until 24 July the exhibition "A bridge to stay on", in which the artist Guillermo Mora leads visitors through a space of up to 12 modules. It is a proposal that dialogues with the architecture of the place and the way in which the visitor moves and observes the space.

The installation has been created specifically for the exhibition; up to 12 modules cross the space in all directions, redirecting the visitor's gaze. The route will not be linear, but zig-zagging, a deliberate movement. The exhibition is also about painting, about its dimensions, its representation or its arrangement in a frame and on a wall. The traditional limits of this discipline will be questioned, looking for new referential motifs and other forms of representation.

Guillermo Mora is an artist from Madrid who has built a referential universe on the abstract, on procedures, protocols and painting. His work is part of national and international collections: The Caldic Collection, in Holland; The Margulies Collection, in Miami, or the La Caixa Collection, the CA2M Museum in Madrid.

Don't miss this opportunity to discover this spectacular installation by Guillermo Mora.


More information: "Guillermo Mora. Un puente donde quedarse"

Image credits: © Guillermo Mora