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"Aleix Plademunt. Matter"

“Aleix Plademunt. Matter"

Venue: Sala Canal Isabel II

The Sala Canal is hosting until 24 July an exhibition of photographs by Aleix Plandemunt, the Catalan photographer who has travelled all over the world to create his particular work. The series promises a journey through places, sensations and reflections on human beings and our environment.

The exhibition totals 200 photographs taken in places as far apart as Spain, Hungary, Japan, Mexico and Bolivia. Our history, political issues, colonialism and our origins are some of the themes that form the backbone of his photographic album.

It is an anthropological journey that covers various dimensions of our life as individuals and as a civilisation. The origins, evolution and future of our culture will be explored, but there will also be space for reflection on the planet, the universe and our place in it.


More information: "Aleix Plademunt. Matter"

Image credits: © Guillermo Gumiel