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Xavier Miserachs

Xavier Miserachs

Location: Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando

The Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando offers until December 12 an exhibition of the Catalan photographer Xavier Miserachs, in which, through his images, you can discover more about the life and work of the author.

Born in 1937 in Barcelona, Xavier Miserachs, before becoming one of the most important professional photographers in the history of Spain, was a medical professional. His photographs, although always documenting reality as truthfully as possible, are endowed with great sensitivity and introspection, qualities that make the work of this artist unique.

In 1964, Miserachs published the book "Barcelona en blanc i negre", a selection of images that show the customs, private and public life, streets and spaces of Barcelona during those years. Today it is considered a cult work in the world of photography.

The exhibition is divided into four sections. The first, his essential works, such as the aforementioned book. In the second, titles such as "Costa Brava Show" (1966) or "Por el río abajo", with text by Alfonso Grosso and Armando López Salinas.

The third part is formed by the two volumes of "Barcelona" (2015) and "Full de contactes. Memoires" (1998), and finally, the last section: "Criterio fotográfico" (1998) and one of the last publications with photos by Miserachs, "Epílogo imprevisto" (2018).

The exhibition also includes bibliographic and hemerographic material from the Pedro Melero / Marisa Llorente collection.

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Image credits: Xavier Miserachs © Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando.