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Aquí llegan ellas… desde Suecia con cómics nuevos

Aquí llegan ellas… desde Suecia con cómics nuevos

Location: CentroCentro

The Festival Veranos de la Villa organizes this year in collaboration with the Embassy of Sweden "Aquí llegan ellas…desde Suecia con cómics nuevos", a collective exhibition whose objective is to bring the female scene of the Swedish comic world to the Spanish public 

The exhibition will show works by the most relevant Swedish artists of the current scene and as recognized as Liv Strömquist and Nina Hemingsson, who have helped pave the way for new creators not only Swedish, but from all over Europe.  

The other authors and illustrators whose work is exhibited are: Bitte Andersson, Natalia Batista, Sara Bergmark Elfgren & Karl Jonsson, Daria Bogdanska, Karin Gafvelin, Joanna Hellgren, Lina Neidestam, Li Österberg and Berit Viklund. 

Through vignettes and reproductions of fragments of graphic novels, the public will have the opportunity to witness how female representation in comics has increased in recent years, and how comics have served as an unexpected tool to address issues such as social criticism, taboos, the challenge to patriarchy and other important social issues.  

Come to CentroCentro, "Aquí llegan ellas…desde Suecia con cómics nuevos" will be waiting for you until August 29th. Admission is free. 

More information: “Aquí llegan ellas… desde Suecia con cómics nuevos” 

Image credits: Aquí llegan ellas...desde Suecia © Natalia Batista - Amaltea