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Aún aprendo. I’m still learning

Aún aprendo. I’m still learning

Location: La Casa Encendida

Until September 26th you can attend a very special exhibition at La Casa Encendida that combines performance, painting and sculpture with the intention of reconnecting you with the four natural elements and nature, everything through the five senses. 

"Aún aprendo" or "I'm still learning" is the name of the latest exhibition by British Jonathan Baldock, an artist who works on multiple platforms. He is accompanied by two other artists, Luke Barton in charge of the soundscapes, and Alex Ardo Barden, in charge of the aromatic work. 

The idea for the show came from the Goya painting that gives it its name, "Aún aprendo" (I'm still learning), which shows an old man walking on crutches and seeks to represent the need toalways keep learning. 

Thanks to "Plant-Thinking: A Phylosophy of Vegetal Life" and "The Life of Plants", two sections featuring philosophers Michael Marder and Emmanuele Coccia respectively, you will be able to rethink a new relationship with the planet away from the one marked by the abuse of nature for human profit.

The pieces in the exhibition have been handcrafted with natural materials such as clay, water, wood, burlap or beeswax, so you can use your five senses and connect with the five elements. 

Thus, a felt fan represents air, a large candle represents fire, a puppet holds water, the shades of different clays used to create stools represent earth and, finally, two golden eyes represent ether, the fifth element. 

As icing on the cake, you will be able to witness a performance by Baldock himself together with his collaborator Rafal Zajko. Both, dressed in ceremonial costumes, will seek to guide you through a temporary, imaginary and theatrical space where you can explore your future and past relationships with nature in that place where the current rules of the world have no place.

This is the third episode of "Un rastro involuntario", the exhibition cycle curated by “This is Jackalope” at Sala A during 2021. Come visit this queer space and live the experience it offers. Admission is free. 


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Image Credits: Jonathan Baldock. Sin título 2021. Detalle. Cortesía del artista y Stephen Friedamn Gallery, Londres © La Casa Encendida