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Madrid desde el tranvía

Madrid from the tramway, 150 years of the first tram line in the capital city

Location: Virtual exhibition

"Madrid desde el tranvía, 150 años de la primera línea en la capital 1871-1972", is an interesting virtual exhibition of the photographic collections of the Regional Archive and the "Postales de Madrid" collection composed of 194 photographs and 21 textual documents that invites you to take a journey through the history of this first streetcar line that began to run from the Salamanca neighborhood to the Pozas neighborhood on May 31, 1871.

The documents are faithful representations of how this transport influenced the life of the capital. They show how it accompanied thousands of Madrilenians from the end of the Reign of Isabel II and the First Republic until the end of the 1970s. One hundred years of history in photographs in which it is very difficult not to find this historic streetcar crossing the streets of Madrid.

With all this documentation, the exhibition is divided into several sections: in "Witness and protagonist" you can appreciate the streetcar as the main element of the streets of Madrid.

In "Antecedents and pioneering companies" you will learn about other means of public transport before the streetcar; "The streetcar lines" will show you the most important streetcar depots, and "New professions", the jobs that arose as a result of its introduction.

You can also contemplate multiple portraits of the citizens who rode the streetcar in "Millions of passengers", the urban evolution of the capital in "Circulando por Madrid", the advertising that arose as a result of the streetcar in "Escaparate publicitario" and photographs of other European countries in "Tranvías de otros países".

The images belong to the photographic collections of artists such as Martín Santos Yubero, Cristóbal Portillo, Gerardo Contreras, the "Madrileños" and "Postales de Madrid" collections and the Julio Gómez de Salazar Fund. And the textual documents come from the Diputación Provincial de Madrid, Familia Huerta, Nicolás Urgoiti and Comisaría General de Ordenación Urbana de Madrid, and the notarial deeds of the Archivo Histórico de Protocolos de Madrid.

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Image credits: Madrid desde el tranvía. 150 years of the first line in the capital ©Comunidad de Madrid