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Madrid Book Fair

80th Madrid Book Fair #FLMadrid21

Location: Retiro Park

From September 10 to 26, the 80th edition of the Madrid Book Fair will be held at the Retiro Park. The great appointment of bookstores, distributors and publishers, and meeting of books with their public. One of the most important cultural events in Spain. 

In the traditional fair you can enjoy a natural environment of the word, proposals of all kinds and the most prominent figures in the literary world. This year, focused on the hope of rebuilding the Spanish creative industries, a movement already started in 2020 through slogans such as "#laculturaenpie" and "#apoyaatulibrería". 

The guest country of honor of this edition will be Colombia and the participation of at least 50 fiction and non-fiction writers from all parts of the country is expected. There will be 40 activities - conferences by authors, cinema and audiovisuals, gastronomy, music, children's activities, etc. - to showcase the country's great authors, its wide range of literary and cultural offerings, its vitality and immense diversity.

As a novelty, a commemorative book will be presented containing the graphic history of the fair since 1933, when it was held for the first time in Paseo de Recoletos as part of the Cervantine Week, to the present day.

In addition, a special program has been designed to bring together authors from various genres, including children's and young people's literature, to bring new generations closer to reading.

The Madrid Book Fair returns in autumn with more strength than ever, with a varied program with which to enjoy the annual event of books and reading. Come and enjoy! #Yoleo and you?

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