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homo ludens

HOMO LUDENS, video games to understand the present 

Location: CaixaForum

From July 20 to October 31 CaixaForum presents the interactive exhibition "Homo Ludens, video games to understand the present". A new conception of the concept of "gamer" that is achieved by showing a world in which real life and video games are increasingly united. 

The exhibition has six rooms that relate man and videogame. In them, you can enjoy the more than forty pieces in the exhibition. Homo Ludens seeks to create a playful and interactive environment to turn this unique experience into a kind of game. 

With the aim of conveying that a video game is more than the act of playing and that it transcends and forms part of our daily lives, the exhibition begins by showing how today's video games draw heavily from well-known games with a long tradition.

It tries to convey how video games affect our daily habits, our way of loving or working.  The video game also as artistic expression and creation, as contemporary art, and not just part of our leisure.

More information: Homo Ludens Caixa Forum

Image Credits: HomoLudens©Caixaforum